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PSA: Body Shimmer is making a comeback

Breaking beauty news! Body shimmer is making a comeback. In the beauty world, trends often come full circle, and the resurgence of body shimmer is proof of just that. 

If you remember the days of the early-to-mid 2000s when body glitter reigned supreme, get ready for an updated, more sophisticated version of the trend: body shimmer . Here to elevate all your body shimmer dreams, Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream is designed to instantly enhance, illuminate and bronze your skin for the perfect airbrushed finish.

Gone are the days of chunky glitter that leaves you looking more like a disco ball than a glowing goddess. Today's body shimmer products, like Loving Tan Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream, offer a refined take on luminosity. Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream contains a meticulously selected blend of micronised pigments to provide a natural-looking, soft-focus effect designed to create an ethereal, lit-from-within glow.

The effect? An expensive-looking, airbrushed effect that leaves your skin looking radiant and bronzed. 

Instantly bronzed results

Are you looking for an extra bronzed boost at your next event? Instantly enhance your natural skin tone or deepen your mousse tan by applying Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream. This innovative, versatile formulation instantly enhances, illuminates and bronzes your skin for the perfect glow - designed to enhance your natural beauty, not overpower it like the body glitters of the 2000s! 

Luminous finish in photos - and in real-life

We see compliments in your future! Infused with the perfect blend of highlighting pigments, this luxurious cream delivers a luminous, bronzed effect designed to turn heads. But its allure doesn't stop there – Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream instantly bronzes your skin and delivers a perfect airbrushed finish in flash photography, capturing every moment with an immaculate glow.

Wearable & easily removed

Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream offers versatility with its buildable, hydrating cream formulation, allowing you to layer the highly pigmented formula to achieve your desired depth of tan. Made with a hydrating aloe vera base and infused with coffee and pomegranate extract, it leaves your skin looking radiant and feeling silky smooth. 

Its quick-drying, lightweight and transfer-resistant formula makes it the ideal last-minute addition to your beauty routine, ensuring you're event-ready anywhere, anytime. Plus, removal is easy! At the end of the night, Bronze Shimmer washes off with warm soapy water. 

Ready to embrace Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream? Here’s how to elevate any outfit with Bronze Shimmer: 

  • Apply to clean, dry skin using your Deluxe Applicator Mitt. You can apply this over your natural skin tone for a subtle hint of colour or over your developed mousse tan for dark, bronzed results.
  • Work in sections, focusing on one area at a time. The formula is highly buildable, so you can come back and add more layers if you want a more intense result.
  • Allow 60 seconds to dry before dressing.
  • At the end of the night, easily remove from the body with warm soapy water.


    Ready to shimmer the night away? Make sure you tag us on socials at @lovingtanofficial for your chance to be featured! 

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