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Platinum 2 HR Express Mousse 200ml

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The deepest, darkest tan possible in just 2 hours.
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Free shipping on all orders over $50

Looking for the perfect shade? Let us help you

Made by tan lovers for the ultimate tan lover, Loving Tan Platinum 2 HR Express Mousse is our DEEPEST, DARKEST shade, specially designed to give you MAXIMUM tanning results in minimal time. This professional strength formula provides you with an immediate colour, while developing into a deep, dark and natural-looking tan which can be rinsed off after 2 hours and will continue to develop and deepen in colour for up to 24 hours. The colour guide technology ensures an easy streak-free application, every time. 


Experienced tanners only.


10+ applications

How to use

  1. For best results, apply to clean, dry and exfoliated skin.
  2. Apply moisturiser liberally to any dry areas, including hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles and knees. 
  3. Pump mousse onto your Loving Tan Deluxe Applicator Mitt.
  4. Using circular motions, apply mousse directly to your body, blending as you go. To ensure an even application, check your entire body is covered in the colour guide. Apply sparingly to hands, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles and knees. For best results, use a makeup or buffing brush to even out tan on these areas.  
  5. Allow 60 seconds before dressing. 
  6. Wipe tan from your hands and feet after 30 minutes to prevent over development. 
  7. Avoid perspiration and water while the tan develops.
  8. Rinse your colour guide off gently in the shower using only water after 2 hours. Pat your skin dry. Your tan will continue to develop and deepen in colour for up to 24 hours.  
  9. For the darkest results, avoid lotions and oils during development time. 
  10. To enhance and extend your Platinum 2 HR Express results, after 24 hours, apply the Deluxe Gradual Tan. 

Elevate your look and take your tan to the next level, faster than ever before.