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Welcome all fellow tan lovers!

Welcome to Loving Tan’s blog where all tan-a-holic’s can get their tips, product info and the latest news as it breaks.  
Being self-confessed tan-a-holic’s ourselves, we know what you want in a tan, how to get the best results plus maintain your skin so that it’s healthy, supple, and gorgeously tanned. What we all want is a natural looking, sexy tan – and finally the solution is here.
Loving Tan is made for tan lovers, by tan lovers – that’s the biggest difference! All of our formulas are salon inspired giving you with an immediate colour, while developing into a deeper, darker tan. This colour guide technology ensures an easy, streak free application every time. It is both quick drying and deliciously fragrant.
Gorgeous tanned skin is the best accessory you can wear, and the perfect complement to your favourite outfit.
Watch out for updates and tips on self tanning, we promise to make it interesting for you. Drop us a line or buy Loving Tan and share your thoughts with us. Whether it’s the fun or disasters of tanning, share or shoot us a question, we would gladly share information to guide you towards getting your perfect tan.
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How to get formal and ball ready

By blog on 23 October 2013 click here to comment

THE DRESS – Be sure to start checking out dresses well in advance and try not to order online as most cases will need a slight tweak and that can really cause stress if you leave it last minute. THE SHOES – Get some chunky heels or wedges if you can – comfort is key if you want to be able to boogie for more than ten minutes! H... continue reading

Melbourne Cup fashion & tanning

By Loving Tan on 16 October 2013 click here to comment

Cup trends and tips It’s that time of year again were you’ll find you and your girlfriends with a glass of champers in one hand and pulling your new stiletto heels out of the grass with the other. Here at Loving Tan we are already planning ahead for how we want our hair, makeup and tan to look! Not to mention what style of dress and hat to wear!! So we have put together a few cute looks for every kind of race goer! First look we thought was a simple white high necked dress. White is always a great colour for Melbourne cup and is becoming increasingly popular. We... continue reading

Loving Tan Launches Spray Tans!!

By blog on 2 October 2013 click here to comment

Introducing the next generation of tanning with the remarkable new eco cert bronzing complex and advanced melanin technology (AMT). The exciting world of Loving Tan just got even better. Loving Tan now invites you into our world of professional spray tanning! So many women and men all over the world have been asking us if we can please bring out a professional spray solution for salons. And now, *breathe* it’s here! Once again we have made sure it lives up to the Loving name and have bought out the highest quality spray tan for all the salons who want to offer it and the millions of girls who are dying to get them done! This spray tan is like no other (just like our mousses) we have incorporated the... continue reading

Party animal time - Part 2

By Loving Tan on 25 September 2013 click here to comment

How to avoid those Tiger Stripes. After you have exfoliated all your old tan and dead skin off - you are clean, smooth and sadly.. white! Now we need to make sure you avoid any streaks. Although streaks are impossible to get using any Loving Tan mousse due to the inbuilt instant bronzer we still know mistakes can happen so listen closely. After moisturising your hands, feet, knees and elbows (you know the drill!), use the Loving Tan Applicator Mitt. It is impossible to go wrong because it applies the active ingredients so evenly you’ll think you’re a pro and your friends will be asking you to be their new tanner. Combined with the Instant Bronzer, a mirror and the applicator mitt is literally impossible to get streaks with! ... continue reading

It's party animal time - Part 1

By Loving Tan on 18 September 2013 click here to comment

How to avoid being the scaly croc or the stripy tiger – Part 1 We all know the party season is just around the corner so before you pop on your little cute floral mini or your (god help us) tummy baring crops with butt baring cut offs. Make sure you don’t have streaky or scaly legs and arms. We all know you’ll be wearing fake tan but need to make sure it actually looks real! First up, to avoid the crocodile look - if you have old fake tan on... you must get it off.... get it all off. Crocodile skin was never in ladies! Most tan addicts problem is that they have trouble waiting for that patchy skin to be over with and sometimes have to wait a weeks between tanning. Well, not anymore! Tan-a-holic’s everywhere are going crazy about the new Loving Tan ‘Tan... continue reading

Spring racing guide

By Loving Tan on 11 September 2013 click here to comment

Quickly and easily look a million dollars We think it’s pretty obvious whites here to stay for spring racing and that it’s going to be very popular. All hemlines are longer though, no minis at the races this year! We think go either simple and structured or sheer delicates with lace finishes! Either way one thing’s for sure tanned skin is a must! White is super complimentary on any tanned body. But you don’t want to be wearing white if your... well... white. It can really wash you out so make sure you apply a beautiful bronzed glow to your body beforehand! We recommend to tan the night before and if you’d like to go darker use Loving Tans 2hr express mousse on the morning of the races so yo... continue reading

Goodbye winter - Our fave picks for this sudden sunny weather!

By Loving Tan on 4 September 2013 click here to comment

So it’s still winter but the sun is already out! This is the warmest winter we have had in over 20 years (Lucky us)!! We are loving the fact it’s not even spring yet and we are already looking at bikinis and floppy hats, so much so that we thought we’d make a collaboration of what our top 10 buys are / are going to be! Introducing... Number 1. Ummm, no thanks to the ugly beach towel that never fits in any bag! This bad boy ticks all the right boxes, it’s own bag, light weight and most of all looks amazing!! We would go as far as wishing i... continue reading

How to get a tan quick

By Loving Tan on 21 August 2013 click here to comment

For The Girls Who Are Unprepared And Un-Tanned How many times have I been called on a sunny Saturday morning by a friend wanting to go to the beach and turned it down, because sadly I was not tan ready and unprepared to go to the beach feeling like a pasty whale? Too many times! And I know I’m not alone… I want to go to the beach with dark brown skin and the illusion of a toned body... A toned body that’s dark enough to make my swimmers look like they are popping with amazing colours. But noooo.... applying a tan has always been out of the question. Who has time to wait 8 hours!? But fear not, fellow dark wannabes! We have a solution! (literally a solution - a mousse one!) So you’ve got about an hour untill your picked up, right? Well... this should take 10 minutes max. Grab your bottle of Loving Tan 2HR Express in Dark and grab your Applicator Mitt! A bit... continue reading

Lazy girls guide to tanning

By Loving Tan on 6 August 2013 click here to comment

Quickly and easily so you can get back to having fun Are you the kind of girl who loves looking a million bucks but would rather pour a margarita than pour foundation onto your face? Let alone wait a whole day for a tan to develop! You could be at the pool...doing nothing... nothing but sipping on your drink. We get it, that’s why 2hr express mousse by Loving Tan is awesome! It’s easier than applying moisturizer because of the fool proof instant bronzer. If you use the mitt it takes no time... continue reading

Winter luxuries

By Loving Tan on 24 July 2013 click here to comment

We love our winter essentials! Sometimes we wonder though, which pieces and products can make us feel warm and fuzzy. This winter we have put our fav’s on display! For the larger pieces in the home i.e. rugs, dining room sets- we don’t want something that is so winter it’s impossible to use during the summer so it’s always good to opt for warm but natural tones. With rugs we love the French style florals, in discreet colours or bolds. It says warm more than a shag pile rug ever will and is also summer friendly! Chairs are also hard to find we opted for a light wash antique timber look- once again in the winter it looks like warm shabby chic but in the summer looks fresh and light! Hint: second hand antiques are always your best buy as they never go out of fashion! As for fea... continue reading

White days!

By Loving Tan on 10 July 2013 click here to comment

White days, what are they? what do they mean? and how can we avoid them? If you’re a tanning addict like we all are, you probably already know where this is going… (this white day thing!) Well, ladies... We class white days as kind of like ‘fat days’ here. They are the day after you have exfoliated but before you have tanned! You feel like sitting inside, wearing trackies and a hoodie. To make things worse, absolutely NOTHING in your wardrobe is looking good on you! You feel a little larger than life (not in a positive way, unfortunately), a little more jiggly and a little more sickly. Ask any tan addict – this day is the worst. The worst day to find anything to w... continue reading

How to : Tricky trends this winter!

By Loving Tan on 3 July 2013 click here to comment

THE FAUX POLAR TREND We all love fur but, we know our winters aren’t exactly white. So how can we get away with a huge fur coat without looking ridiculous and covering our hard earned tans? Easy! Pair with a mini and some cut out boots for that cute, warm but understated casual look! We love this look with black basics. It is much easier to match up with the black basics we already own! So ladies, grab that mini black and some cool black shades and voila! Instant cool with a white fur coat to keep you warm! It’s all about the balance here! We chose to add some metallics to our outfit of choice to really add wow factor! Silver is the easiest metallic to add to the black and white trend as gold can get a little... you know- over bearing and blingy! We recommend this outfit for a girls lunch or shopping! Everyone will be lusting over it no matter where you end up though! ... continue reading