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Welcome all fellow tan lovers!

Welcome to Loving Tan’s blog where all tan-a-holic’s can get their tips, product info and the latest news as it breaks.  
Being self-confessed tan-a-holic’s ourselves, we know what you want in a tan, how to get the best results plus maintain your skin so that it’s healthy, supple, and gorgeously tanned. What we all want is a natural looking, sexy tan – and finally the solution is here.
Loving Tan is made for tan lovers, by tan lovers – that’s the biggest difference! All of our formulas are salon inspired giving you with an immediate colour, while developing into a deeper, darker tan. This colour guide technology ensures an easy, streak free application every time. It is both quick drying and deliciously fragrant.
Gorgeous tanned skin is the best accessory you can wear, and the perfect complement to your favourite outfit.
Watch out for updates and tips on self tanning, we promise to make it interesting for you. Drop us a line or buy Loving Tan and share your thoughts with us. Whether it’s the fun or disasters of tanning, share or shoot us a question, we would gladly share information to guide you towards getting your perfect tan.
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Blogs we love

By Loving Tan on 5 February 2014 click here to comment

So, it’s been a while since we bought magazines into the office, mainly because blogs are kind of more accessible, you don’t have as many ads and we love a good scoop into another fashionistas life! So we thought we’d put a bit of a hit list together for our own readers of blogs that keep us coming back! Hope you all enjoy! X CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRL This blog is by a young Parisian, Alix. The blog focus’s a lot of attention on the more feminine things in life. She travels the world and brings you with her through her beautiful photography. Her style is a little retro but soft and sweet, expect to see a lot of pastels through this blog. It’s great inspiration if you are trying to get creative on a DIY project at home or even for personal style. ... continue reading

All of the Common Questions Answered - Part Two

By Loving Tan on 29 January 2014 click here to comment

I accidentally tanned my palms, how do i get it off? You must always use the deluxe applicator mitt to tan and always moisturize your whole hands and any other dry areas pre tanning. But, if you have made a mistake- try buffing it out with the exfoliation mitt and washing them as much as possible! How long will one bottle last? Well, there is 5-10 full body applications in each bottle depending on how heavily you use! So if you are a tan addict like most of us you tan every second week. So 2 and a half months to 5 months if you are planning on always using it! Longer if you are only going to use it for special occasions! ... continue reading

All The Common Questions Answered - Part 1

By Loving Tan on 22 January 2014 click here to comment

I’ve never fake tanned before.. What colour should I use? I always recommend trying a medium for your first bottle if you have never tanned as all Loving Tan mousses are professional strength so they can go quite dark! But if you have moderately tanned skin or you are used to being fairly dark then you should go Dark, then work up to Ultra dark shades. I have quite pale skin, will it look ok to use Dark or Ultra Dark? Yes, even if you start out with a lighter base the Ultra Dark will just be a shade... continue reading

Tan Removal Remedies

By Loving Tan on 15 January 2014 click here to comment

Tan removing is the second most important thing you need to know if you are a tan-a-holic! You want to look natural, moisturized and bronzed.. Not fake, scaly or white speckled. This is why it is SO important to always remove your old tan 100% before re applying. (or even if you’re not re applying) We have tried every kind of tan removal myth and there is really only one way to get it completely off! Forget the lemon, forget the lavender & definitely forget those supermarket exfoliation gloves! The only thing that really works is the tan removing & skin polishing glove. This is literally a life saver for any girl at al... continue reading

Perfect Australia Day Prep

By Loving Tan on 8 January 2014 click here to comment

So Australia day is around the corner and basically all of us either end up at a pool party, or at the beach! So, we are planning already how to get ready! As it’s been a hot summer, some of you will have tans already- some wont. If you have a tan already and don’t want to re-apply or apply over your real tan we suggest trying Picture Perfect Body Makeup. Basically, because it has been such a hot summer we all have either a fake tan or maybe some real colour. So what we will all be doing is applying our Picture Perfect body makeup over our tans... continue reading

New Year's Eve - What to wear - Part two

By Loving Tan on 1 January 2014 click here to comment

So It’s coming up to new years and we need to find the perfect outfit to wear. NYE is one of the only nights in the year you can dress up as much as you like without looking OTT! So we are going to have fun planning out a couple of different looks for you! MODERN DAY CHER That’s right, remember cher from clueless? Well, it seems her old wardrobe is becoming more and more popular now days. Although we love her cute little ott looks, we think this is a more mature / classy approach. Two of our favourites are the colour of this amazing dress and the velvet finish on the pumps. Keep the accesories black for more sophistication and feel free to match the plum lipstick to the dress for a really 90’s chic look! ... continue reading

New Year's Eve - What to wear - Part one

By Loving Tan on 25 December 2013 click here to comment

So It’s coming up to new years and we need to find the perfect outfit to wear. NYE is one of the only nights in the year you can dress up as much as you like without looking OTT! So we are going to have fun planning out a couple of different looks for you! BOHEMIAN For all you earth tone loving ladies, this is the perfect look for you! It’s simple & sophisticated yet it’s laid back and trendy! Keeping it minimal with the black mini with subtle details is great but we chose to add these amazing lace up heels by senso as they add alot of sass to the outfit on their own. The Sisley Paris lippy is the ultimate colour for wearing an ensemble like this.. It boosts your lips but keeps a low key and looks 100% Natural! ... continue reading

Easy present ideas for any girl this christmas - Part two

By Loving Tan on 18 December 2013 click here to comment

So Christmas is literally around the corner.. And the same thing happens every year. Myself and all of my girlfriends end up with a huge list of friends and family to buy presents for! Boys small gifts are easy – they are usually happy with any old shirt or pair of shorts. But, when it comes to females – we know what we do and don’t like and what we would and wouldn’t wear. It then becomes mission impossible 3 picking a present for all of your friends, sisters & mum’s ect. Especially if your spending your money wisely! So we have put together a nice list of not too personal gifts that all girls will actually love! COCKTAIL TIME! Ok so, heres a fun one. Get her the best cocktail glasses you can find, and a packet of pinaco... continue reading

Loving Tans exciting new launch - Body Makeup

By Loving Tan on 4 December 2013 click here to comment

Brace yourselves women, you can now bare all! Miracle body makeup that adds colour and covers anything! So you’re about to go for a night out and want to add colour to just your arms, legs or chest? Or do you want to add tone and definition to your body for the beach or a comp? Have some bruises, veins, stretch marks or even scars? Or just need to use a bronzer that only lasts a couple of days so you can re apply when you are ready? Every girl has problem areas- whether its stretch marks, veins, bruises, scars, cellulite, pale areas or even just dry skin! The picture perfect body makeup really lives up to its name and covers any signs of these problems and leaves you feeling m... continue reading

Best tips to keeping your tan flawless in summer

By Loving Tan on 20 November 2013 click here to comment

All the best ways to keep your tan absolutely gorgeous, glowing & fresh A lot of you love self tanning but also need help when it comes to keeping your Loving Tan looking as natural as possible during summer.. Because as the weather warms up our skin is a lot more exposed and we need to take better care of our tans! Here are some common do’s and don’ts along with a few tricky little secrets! EFOLIATE Obviously you must exfoliate as much as possible before tanning so your tan is as smooth and long lasting as you can possibly get it! If you don’t you will find your tan will come off quicker or may even go patchy! ... continue reading

This summers cutest looks for every Loving Tanner - Part Two

By Loving Tan on 6 November 2013 click here to comment

We look at the coolest beach looks for every kind of girl BOHEMIAN BABE Loved the Aztec trend but find it a little ... dated? This is the perfect look for you! We love this bikini.. to us it looks like something you’d only see on an 80’s Hawaiian beach. The best thing about this look is you can have printed accessories and clash everything into one! But we love the neutral toned retro sunnies and a pair of the old Jesus sandals with this look! Pop on any printed dress or kaftan with this – it will all work and voila, you are ready to go girl! CUTE & EASY GOING Now this is a look for everyone! These overalls paired with some crisp white vans make for a day of super easy comfortable cruising around town. The b... continue reading

This summer’s cutest looks for every Loving Tanner – Part One

By Loving Tan on 30 October 2013 click here to comment

We look at the coolest beach looks for every kind of girl THE SIMPLE STYLE QUEEN This is for all the girls who love a basic look with the newest trends. This style is usually best in black with subtle earth tones throughout! We love this simple high sheen black bikini because of its minimalistic approach to detail (the straps are so subtle yet really give off an ultra cool vibe) And if this is your look, you can’t go past one of these over-sized flat rimmed cowboy hats! Dress it up with a cute printed kaftan for a trendy beach to bar look! L.A GIRL We always say yes to white bikinis, they give you a more tanned and crisp look. Although we think this is more of a poolside glamour... continue reading