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Welcome all fellow tan lovers!

Welcome to Loving Tan’s blog where all tan-a-holic’s can get their tips, product info and the latest news as it breaks.  
Being self-confessed tan-a-holic’s ourselves, we know what you want in a tan, how to get the best results plus maintain your skin so that it’s healthy, supple, and gorgeously tanned. What we all want is a natural looking, sexy tan – and finally the solution is here.
Loving Tan is made for tan lovers, by tan lovers – that’s the biggest difference! All of our formulas are salon inspired giving you with an immediate colour, while developing into a deeper, darker tan. This colour guide technology ensures an easy, streak free application every time. It is both quick drying and deliciously fragrant.
Gorgeous tanned skin is the best accessory you can wear, and the perfect complement to your favourite outfit.
Watch out for updates and tips on self tanning, we promise to make it interesting for you. Drop us a line or buy Loving Tan and share your thoughts with us. Whether it’s the fun or disasters of tanning, share or shoot us a question, we would gladly share information to guide you towards getting your perfect tan.
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Splendour in the grass outfit ideas - Part 1

By Loving Tan on 21 May 2014 click here to comment

So all the girls here at Loving Tan Head Quarters have just got tickets to SPLENDOUR 2014! (yay) Then we thought, if we have – you ladies probably have too.... So why not share our thoughts on outfits for the 3 day event! Here’s a couple of options and looks we came up with! GIRL RIDER This look is fab for the girl who is going to get muddy and doesn’t care because basically, it will go with this trend! So grab a muscle tee, some bad-ass boots and any vintage jacket to keep you warm! Effort = Zero, but very comfy and fun! Boots by from My Theresa, Tank by forever 21 & Hat by Asos. SAFARI QUEEN This look is for all the Queen B’s out there who want to try to relax their look a little for splendou... continue reading

Make your work space a haven

By Loving Tan on 14 May 2014 click here to comment

So.... You don’t like your office / study area? Get out and do something about it! Your work space should be somewhere you want to be and somewhere that inspires you! Here’s a couple of things that you can do to spice it up yourself! STATIONARY FUN Even if you can’t be bothered decorating or bringing anything else in – stationary that is nice is a must! Will always make you feel better about being there! COMFY & COOL Yes, your work chair has to be comfy but no one said it has to be boring! Gone are the days of ‘the only office chair you can buy is fugly’ and welcome cute & cheap chair central!! Try picking something that will suit your office and doesn’t get too dirty! PLANT... continue reading

Mothers day gift ideas

By Loving Tan on 7 May 2014 click here to comment

Yay, it’s mother’s day this weekend! Do you need some good last minute gift ideas? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Loungewear Every mum loves a new cushion combo: whether it be for the couch, the daybed or for the outdoor setting: Your mum is sure to love adding some new colours or textures to her home. Try to buy them for a specific area though and always make sure they will match the rest of her decor! ZINCDOOR.COM 2. OCCA-HOME.CO.UK 3. ... continue reading

OPT for healthier options - Part 2

By Loving Tan on 30 April 2014 click here to comment

LOLLIES This is the worst one that gets me, but I find always having bananas and apples around is a complete life saver. Also if you want to be a bit naughty get some dried fruit. Dried apricots are delish and so are dried cranberries! ASIAN FOOD Asian food shouldn’t technically be that bad but our western version, sadly has been turned into deep fried all you can eat style food. But, if your craving that amazing taste and a little rice- Go fresh sushi! Yum, filling & won’t leave you with a belly ache! PASTA So , everyone loves Bolognese here- it’s obvious!&nbs... continue reading

OPT for healthier options - Even on the go

By Loving Tan on 23 April 2014 click here to comment

JUICES TO SMOOTHIES We all know juices aren’t all they are cracked up to be in terms of health with all that excess sugar. But if you must have it, juice your own – or even better just eat the fruit and drink some water. Not gonna cut it? Try making your own health smoothie, you can put them in jars and leave them in the fridge if you make extra too! Here at Loving Tan, we make our own delicious smoothies every morning. Grab a banana, some rice milk, coconut oil, spinach & chia seeds and blend away. Tastes amazing and also keeps you going all day! SOFT DRINK TO SPAKLING WATER Soft drink’s a tricky one, most people don’t actually love all that sugar- it’s more the bubbles. Try sparkling water... You may just... continue reading

Top 10 tips to a sexier and more confident you - Part 2

By Loving Tan on 16 April 2014 click here to comment

A printed out-there piece Whether it’s shorts, a tee, dress, pants or a statement necklace- go bold or bright. These pieces always give you a huge uplift. When you are dressed in colourful shades studies have shown you feel happier and more confident. And you know what they say ... Confident = HOT!! Perfume If you are meeting some friends for lunch or even a guy ... actually even if you are at home lazing around in bed – just spray yourself. Choose a sophisticated smell, something that makes you feel special. One of my friends has named her fav scent the ‘hot perfume’ and it works – Every time she wears it she feels hotter – it’s a mental thing, but a great thing. Plus, everyone is attrac... continue reading

Easter weekend & What we're packing

By Loving Tan on 2 April 2014 click here to comment

Yay! Easter weekend is nearly here again & we get a whole four days off! Excited? Same here! But, before we go away we must prep! So what will we be taking, doing and wearing? Let me bring you with us on our exciting Easter journey…. So - all of us girls from LTHQ are heading off to our beloved Byron Bay,NSW for a ladies weekend! Hopefully the weather will work with us so our plan of sipping margaritas by the pool goes smoothly. Make-up Bag So ok, not all of this fits in my new little Karl Lagerfeld make up purse but I am obsessed with this bag! Anyways, so in my cosmetic bag this weekend I am bringing my Picture Perfect Body Makeup for touch ups because its waterproof (I have already applied my mousse)... I have no idea if it will rain or not! Of course, am taking my makeup bare essentials because I am hoping to be... continue reading

Make anywhere romantic

By Loving Tan on 19 March 2014 click here to comment

Now that the weather is cooling down and you may be wanting to get cosy at home, we have some great tips to make any room feel warm, snugly and romantic! IN THE BEDROOM A padded headboard is great because it screams luxury and makes you feel like staying in bed all day and all night. Chandeliers are perfect for soft lighting and look ultra romantic when they glisten. Another thing to keep in mind is flooring- if you have tiled or timber floorboards they can tend to feel a little cold / not so comfy so opt for a great faux fur hide to make lazing around in your room a treat! Also any vanilla scented candles or sprays are perfect for a romantic homely feel. Research shows that the smell of vanilla triggers your brain into thinking of home and love –Awesome! IN THE DINING... continue reading

Hot trends this Autumn

By Loving Tan on 5 March 2014 click here to comment

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL It feels like just yesterday that tartan was in; now it’s been about 10 years and it’s already back in! You would think that the look would have been renewed but nup, still the same trend of grunge coloured tartan mainly worn as a skirt! We love these skirts with anything that reminds us of the younger/school years. The memory of ‘you can’t sit with us’ tee quoted from everyone’s fav oldie Mean Girls. This style of bag and hat are great because they look very school girl - yet are appropriate to wear and won’t have you mistaken as an actual school girl. The boots add a more matured grunge effect! This looks great with either a light tan or a really dark tan! ORIENTAL ARMOUR ... continue reading

New year, new office

By Loving Tan on 26 February 2014 click here to comment

NEW YEAR, NEW WORKSPACE We are all doing a little office renewing here at Loving Tan for a fresh start! So as we go we are still figuring out more and more tips. We want to share! FRESH FLOWERS! Fresh flowers are perfect to brighten up any space! They make your work space feel more bright & less boring! If you are a bit of a more ‘can’t be bothered’ type.. Grab yourself a couple different good quality synthetic bunches and keep them in the cupboard and rotate them weekly to get the same feeling! (it really does work) INSPIRATION Find an awesome quote you love (there are thousands on pinterest etc) , one that really inspires you or motivates you to work towards your goals. Now, print it as large as you can and pop it in a beautiful frame, and voila a daily reminder to push you through!... continue reading

Tanning results from real girls!

By Loving Tan on 19 February 2014 click here to comment

Thanks to social media, we get to see all of the amazing results from our beautiful Loving Tan customers. And so, we thought we’d put a little post up about all of our lovely girls and all the different looks and results they have achieved ... continue reading

Blogs we love - part two

By Loving Tan on 12 February 2014 click here to comment

So, it’s been a while since we bought magazines into the office, mainly because blogs are kind of more accessible, you don’t have as many ads and we love a good scoop into another fashionistas life! So we thought we’d put a bit of a hit list together for our own readers of blogs that keep us coming back! This time we’ve got more aussies! FASHION TOAST We love Rumi, and have for years! She is the queen of effortless style. She can wear a loose t shirt dress and boots and set a whole year of trends off! She does mainly wear a lot of black and white, but re creates it every time. Her style will never die.. So if you are looking for some street style inspo, Rumi at fashion toast is your girl! ... continue reading