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Welcome all fellow tan lovers!

Welcome to Loving Tan’s blog where all tan-a-holic’s can get their tips, product info and the latest news as it breaks.  
Being self-confessed tan-a-holic’s ourselves, we know what you want in a tan, how to get the best results plus maintain your skin so that it’s healthy, supple, and gorgeously tanned. What we all want is a natural looking, sexy tan – and finally the solution is here.
Loving Tan is made for tan lovers, by tan lovers – that’s the biggest difference! All of our formulas are salon inspired giving you with an immediate colour, while developing into a deeper, darker tan. This colour guide technology ensures an easy, streak free application every time. It is both quick drying and deliciously fragrant.
Gorgeous tanned skin is the best accessory you can wear, and the perfect complement to your favourite outfit.
Watch out for updates and tips on self tanning, we promise to make it interesting for you. Drop us a line or buy Loving Tan and share your thoughts with us. Whether it’s the fun or disasters of tanning, share or shoot us a question, we would gladly share information to guide you towards getting your perfect tan.
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Loving Tan x David Jones Spring Summer 14 x Loz Curtis

By on 3 September 2014 click here to comment

As many of you have seen, Loving Tan was selected to be the official spray tan partner for the David Jones Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show for the second year running. The launch of David Jones Spring/Summer collection celebrates the arrival of new season fashion, with Loving Tan delivering the perfect, natural looking summer glow to complement this season’s most coveted trends. Beauty Vlogger and Tanning Expert Lauren Curtis was backstage in in the lead up to the show and shares with us the secrets to achieving a dewy, bronzed runway look. “Loving Tan was used exclusively to ensure the models had a gorgeous, deep olive colour yet still looked naturally bronzed - a perfect glow is definitely an essential for summer fashion.” Lauren Curtis who is often referred to as the tanning queen, said good preparation is always the key for a flawless, even coverage. “Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate... continue reading

Steal her festival style- Kendall Jenner

By Loving Tan on 27 August 2014 click here to comment

So, the jumpers are coming off and the festivals are coming back! We are so excited so we are going to be doing ‘steal her style’ for the next couple of weeks on some of our favourite fashionistas festival wear! This week, we chose Kendall Jenners Coachella 70’s look and tried to find the closest possible match for you guys! (well, to the best of our ability) For the first look, we tried to match as close as possible! These bell pants are so damn similar and super hot! Because it’s quite warm in Aus we would opt for a shorter sleeve top though! And of course, because you need to be as comfortable as possible when you are on your feet all day- we chos... continue reading

Trends so WRONG they are RIGHT!

By Loving Tan on 20 August 2014 click here to comment

The Fedora It sounds so strange to say that a fedora is back in fashion, because all I can think of is kinda scary looking older guys wearing the good old pinstripe fedora #shudder. But rest assured, they have made a comeback in a positive way and now designers are making large or oversized felt fedoras in so many beautiful colours! They look nothing how I remember them! The birkenstock Does anyone else have old photos of you or your mum wearing these things back in the day? Because I sure do and I never ever... ever thought I’d see the return of the Birkenstocks – They now have been made to look so cute by brands like Senso. We like! The Timberland ... continue reading

The nudie trend

By Loving Tan on 13 August 2014 click here to comment

Nude has been trending for quite a while but we love to share our fav nude looks with you - whether it be for your style, your face or even for your home! We would also like to share our tips on what we have learnt from playing around with nudes! For makeup, nude is a great look because it is subtle and makes you look more.... ahhh – naturally foxy! Haha, but on a serious note you can still really make a ‘wow’ factor with nude makeup, it just won’t be a ‘wow you’re wearing a lot of makeup’ factor. Plus, nude makeup is in now more than ever- it’s all about the shimmery light golden shadows, ‘natural’ lips , light bronzers, peachy cheeks and dewy cheek bones! We are huge fans of this trend! ... continue reading

Behind the scenes David Jones Spring Summer 2014

By on 31 July 2014 click here to comment

Once again we have been asked to be the official partners for tanning in the 2014 fashion launch. Because all of the designers showcase their new summer collections for the next year at this event- the models need to have the most natural looking olive glow (which is hard just coming out of winter)! So that’s why Loving Tan has been selected as the official tan of the event! This time we really wanted to share a lot more with you about the whole event- we had so much fun last year so we really wanted to share that with you this year! The clothing was amazing, the hair and makeup was amazing, the tan was amazing (obviously haha) and most of all the... continue reading

1 dress 3 ways

By Loving Tan on 30 July 2014 click here to comment

When it comes to LBD and tee-shirt dresses everyone has them- but here’s one great piece that can be worn an endless amount of ways! We love that this can be such a staple to any chicks wardrobe, from the OTT trendy to the more mature and simple kinda gals – this is one piece you can’t go past! And today we thought we’d play around with a couple of cool trends/ looks to show you how! Eastern boys and western girls Grab your boots and hats ladies, we are rounding up the sheep! No, not really- we are just impersonators... But we do LOVE this look! Think anything fringed, oversized fedoras, riding boots and of course, some great tunes – maybe even a little Johnny Cash to get you in the mood! ... continue reading

Introducing the new Face of Loving Tan: Maddison Mallet

By Loving Tan on 23 July 2014 click here to comment

Name: Maddison Age: 22 Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD So, as you guys know we recently ran a competition in search of a new model for Loving Tan & we had thousands of ridiculously amazing girls apply- and even one boy! It was such a hard decision to pick just one when we short-listed... hmm... let’s see a couple of hundred haha! But finally, all judges came to an agreement that this gorgeous young girl was a perfect fit for the brand! So we shot Maddison last week and we wanted to share some special behind the scenes moments, sneaky pics and a bit about our new face of Loving Tan! The day was luckily a perfect day to shoot, being winter here... continue reading

Picture Perfect Body Makeup VS Bronzing Mousse

By Loving Tan on 16 July 2014 click here to comment

So we are getting an absolutely overwhelming amount of enquiries about our Picture Perfect body makeup from girls worldwide wanting to know the difference between our Picture Perfect and our Mousses, so I thought... time for a blog!! Here is everything (hopefully) that you need to know about the difference between the two: Picture Perfect is makeup that can give you a tanned look - the mousse is a self tanner. Picture Perfect is instant – although the mousse has instant bronzers, the active ingredients are clear and won’t be fully developed until about 8 or so hours. Picture Perfect will set and become waterproof within 60 secs (which even means you can swim in it straight away!) – Even though it is quick dry, with the mousse you can’t get wet for between two to eight hours (depending on which mousse you use) s... continue reading

Fun trends you can expect to be sticking around for summer 14'

By Loving Tan on 18 June 2014 click here to comment

Feel like throwing all your summer clothes out? NOT YET! Here’s a few from 13’ that aren’t quite over! The ‘so wrong it’s right’ clashing print! This one will be around for a while (hopefully) It’s all about clashing brights, prints, textures.....basically anything! If you choose fun, summery colours and prints you just can’t go wrong! The ‘Animal overload’! Animal prints have been in again for years now- safe to give it another couple of years too!! Love mixing and clashing them with other prints and colours! It’s always fun when your dressed as foxy as Kath from Kath and Kim! ... continue reading

Fresh Fridays: Best tips for getting your A-game on the night before

By Loving Tan on 11 June 2014 click here to comment

So like most tanners, I tan on a Thursday night to make sure i look my best for the weekend... Never know who you’re going to run into because the possibilities are endless.... That frenemy from school, your ex, your ex’s nasty new gf, a spunky guy, Jared Leto – no stop fooling around... But seriously, fresh Fridays are a big deal – if you prepare well, your look fab and get to relax and have fun for the rest of the weekend! Nails: If you work in an office, try to do these babies at the end of lunch- perfect drying time (using your hands to type while they dry means they won’t get ruined!) Hair: As soon as you get home jump into the shower and wash wash wash that hair then try to dry it as soon as yo... continue reading

Beauty trends to try for tanned skin girls

By Loving Tan on 4 June 2014 click here to comment

DO TRY: Coral lips Coral is the greatest lip shade out atm, as it complements warmer skin tones & also brightens and freshens any face! #1 TIP: Light eye makeup is best with this look and only wear matching blush! Coral Lippys we hea rt! 1. Laura Mercier, 2. Too faced, 3. Tom ford, 4. Sisley, 5. Elizabeth Arden, 6. Forever 21, 7.Elizabeth Arden DO TRY: Pastel locks ... continue reading

Splendour in the grass outfit ideas - Part 2

By Loving Tan on 28 May 2014 click here to comment

So, not sure if you read last weeks blog.. (part one) But all the girls here at Loving Tan Head Quarters have just got tickets to SPLENDOUR 2014! (yay) Then we thought, if we have – you ladies probably have to.. So why not share our thoughts on outfits for the 3 day event! Here’s a couple more of the options and looks we came up with! MINIMAL SASS If you’re a minimal kind of lady but still want to look on-trend without being out of comfort, then this look is perf for you! Choose your key pieces for comfort, but make sure they have either a cute detail or are on trend! Plain tee’s and shorts can be rocked if you team them with the right things.. I.e. A bold hat, some birks or a cool piece of statement jewellery! Shorts by Mlle Mademoiselle, Hat by River Island & Shoes by Birke... continue reading