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The Fedora

It sounds so strange to say that a fedora is back in fashion, because all I can think of is kinda scary looking older guys wearing the good old pinstripe fedora #shudder. But rest assured, they have made a comeback in a positive way and now designers are making large or oversized felt fedoras in so many beautiful colours! They look nothing how I remember them!
The birkenstock

Does anyone else have old photos of you or your mum wearing these things back in the day? Because I sure do and I never ever... ever thought I’d see the return of the Birkenstocks – They now have been made to look so cute by brands like Senso. We like!
The Timberland

Must say, I am impressed and super stoked that girlies everywhere can now wear lady trady boots and get away with it! Can’t get enough of the chunky high heeled version – this is definitely one of the best wacky trends I’ve seen in a while!