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Nude has been trending for quite a while but we love to share our fav nude looks with you - whether it be for your style, your face or even for your home!
We would also like to share our tips on what we have learnt from playing around with nudes!

For makeup, nude is a great look because it is subtle and makes you look more.... ahhh – naturally foxy! Haha, but on a serious note you can still really make a ‘wow’ factor with nude makeup, it just won’t be a ‘wow you’re wearing a lot of makeup’ factor. Plus, nude makeup is in now more than ever- it’s all about the shimmery light golden shadows, ‘natural’ lips , light bronzers, peachy cheeks and dewy cheek bones! We are huge fans of this trend!

In the home nude can look extremely warm but also quite wintery which is not the greatest in summer so make sure if you’re buying nude homewears to add whites and bright colours – even try a few prints- like this amazing bed head decal!

For fashion, nudes have been in for a while now- but make sure you choose carefully as this can be a nasty colour to pair with and can also leave you looking washed out.  To avoid the washed out look and to get the chic look always pair a nude with either a metallic (silver or gold) or with a decent print or a clean ivory! This is also very hard to wear if you have pale skin! (Luckily we are all tanned gals)
Until next time