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So we are getting an absolutely overwhelming amount of enquiries about our Picture Perfect body makeup from girls worldwide wanting to know the difference between our Picture Perfect and our Mousses, so I thought... time for a blog!!
Here is everything (hopefully) that you need to know about the difference between the two:

  1. Picture Perfect is makeup that can give you a tanned look - the mousse is a self tanner.


  1. Picture Perfect is instant – although the mousse has instant bronzers, the active ingredients are clear and won’t be fully developed until about 8 or so hours.


  1. Picture Perfect will set and become waterproof within 60 secs (which even means you can swim in it straight away!)  – Even though it is quick dry, with the mousse you can’t get wet for between two to eight hours (depending on which mousse you use) so the tan is fully developed.


  1. Body Makeup will last around 3 days – Mousse lasts about 7-10 days.


  1. Body Makeup is great for last minute touch ups, or last minute beach trips – the mousse is also great for touch ups but if you are about to go swimming before your 2 hours (or 8) is up, you will wash the tan off.

Another few interesting things about Picture Perfect is that:

  • You can use it on your face! Yes, that’s right... works a dream but if it’s a little too dark for your face you can actually mix it with a lighter foundation!!
  • It can be layered for a deeper colour! So you can start off with a nice medium tan then build it to dark... and even darker if your game!
  • It covers veins, stretch marks and any other imperfections! This is why so many women love this product and also why so many freckled girls use it too (it covers them too!)
  • It gives you an airbrushed look.... in REAL life!! True story, it actually looks like you’re on the cover of Vogue but you are moving around in your day to day life.

All round these products are both the only of their kind.. and give a  10/10 result. I personally use the mousse weekly and top up with Picture Perfect but it really is personal preference