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So like most tanners, I tan on a Thursday night to make sure i look my best for the weekend... Never know who you’re going to run into because the possibilities are endless.... That frenemy from school, your ex, your ex’s nasty new gf, a spunky guy, Jared Leto – no stop fooling around... But seriously, fresh Fridays are a big deal – if you prepare well, your look fab and get to relax and have fun for the rest of the weekend!

If you work in an office, try to do these babies at the end of lunch- perfect drying time (using your hands to type while they dry means they won’t get ruined!)

As soon as you get home jump into the shower and wash wash wash that hair then try to dry it as soon as you get out!

Now you’ll be ready to tan, if you like sleeping in tan because you want the deepest colour like I do.. try the Deluxe Bronzing mousse in dark or even my fav the Ultra  Dark! But if however you like to shower before bed maybe the 2hour Express is for you!

So now you need to put moisturizer on your nails!! Actually all over your finger tips- because we don’t want that tan ruining your beautifully manicured nails!
You also need to moisturise all the dry spots; elbows, knees, feet, ankles, hands, wrists

Now you can apply the tan! Make sure you are using the mitt so you don’t get any on your hands! If you are extra worried, wear a latex glove underneath for extra confidence
After your tan has been applied, wash all your cutest outfits so you have ample to choose from tomorrow!
Then Voila! You are done and the next day you will look and feel amazing! Wohoo! (not just cause it’s a Friday)

Hope we gave you a few tricks for this week! xx