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Once again we have been asked to be the official partners for tanning in the 2014 fashion launch. Because all of the designers showcase their new summer collections for the next year at this event- the models need to have the most natural looking olive glow (which is hard just coming out of winter)! So that’s why Loving Tan has been selected as the official tan of the event!

This time we really wanted to share a lot more with you about the whole event- we had so much fun last year so we really wanted to share that with you this year! The clothing was amazing, the hair and makeup was amazing, the tan was amazing (obviously haha) and most of all the people there were great!  So here’s a bit of fun and photos

This year the models are all wearing either the medium Loving Tan shade which we applied to them the day before the show! The colour was perfect for that back-to-summer look! The response about the tan from the models and designers was overwhelming and we are so glad that everyone is loving it!


We also got to meet another Loving Tan lover, Loz Curtis who is actually the skin finishing and tanning expert of the event which was so much fun! We had a good chat to Loz about her favourite Loving Tan products and why she chooses Loving Tan! We are feeling so lucky that Australias number one tanning and beauty expert loves our brand!
Next week we are going to be doing a Tanning blog with Loz (the tanning queen of Australia) so be sure to tune in then!
Loving Tan  xx