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When it comes to LBD and tee-shirt dresses everyone has them- but here’s one great piece that can be worn an endless amount of ways! We love that this can be such a staple to any chicks wardrobe, from the OTT trendy to the more mature and simple kinda gals – this is one piece you can’t go past! And today we thought we’d play around with a couple of cool trends/ looks to show you how!
Eastern boys and western girls

Grab your boots and hats ladies, we are rounding up the sheep! No, not really- we are just impersonators... But we do LOVE this look! Think anything fringed, oversized fedoras,  riding boots and of course, some great tunes – maybe even a little Johnny Cash to get you in the mood!
Basically on trend

Are you the kind of girl who likes being on trend but also likes to keep it basic? Wear a lot of black? Thought so, this look is for you- it’s a bit more young and trend related.  Platforms and plaid will help you achieve this look instantly. And this is a look for day or night! (if you can walk around sober in heels)
Sleek freak

This is for the young lady who dresses simple but pays close attention to detail and always looks a million $$$. Dress this up with a stunning statement piece like this handbag, but make it sophisticated with a plum toned lippy like this Tom Ford one! This can be for day wear but defs would suit the night life better! We love!!